Interact in chemistry

An interactive classroom that supports SMILES


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About ChemTalk

Chemtalk is a free online teaching tool with SMILES capabilities for educators to test and review their students in real-time. Get started with these simple steps:

How it works

Educators can access the tool on any device. No registration is required. A question can be entered by simply filling in the space provided. Clicking 'Start' will then confirm and make this question live. Once the question is live, students can use the 'QR Code' and 'Session Number' to access the session and submit their answers. A countdown timer can be also be set to give each question the desired response time. Or alternatively, clicking 'End' will stop the session and no more answers will be accepted. Students will not be able to change their answers once the session has ended.

Students can access the session with either the 'Session Number' provided or the QR Code on the screen. Once joined, clicking 'Edit Answer' will open a MolView window which allows students to search, draw, and view chemical structures. When the answer is completed, clicking 'Save' will submit their answers and allows them to review their answers.

The list of participants and their responses will then be displayed.