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Online booking video consultation system tailor-made for your business.

The go-to system to move your service-based business online, where you can make appointments, meet and receive payments in one go.

About EDpointment

With EDpointment, you can bring your business online and expand it with no hassle. EDpointment is a powerful platform that seamlessly combines online booking, video appointment, chats and transaction. It allows your clients to make bookings and payments outside of business hour while you rest comfortably at home. When the time comes, you can meet your clients online in your private conference room. It does not matter if you are a consultant, lawyer or a private tutor, as long as you feel like exploring the potential of moving your business online, EDpointment is the perfect solution for you.

How it works

1. A comprehensive administrator platform for users to manage their profiles and time available for online booking.

4. An integrated management system running at the background for users to keep in touch pre- or post- online meetings. 

2. An attractive user interface to review, book and pay for the online sessions.

3. A fully functional video conferencing tool for users to conduct their online meetings as scheduled.

Other key features:

- User account registration

- Automatic message to the user with all relevant links after payment

- Recording of all online meetings by default for QA reasons viewable only by the administrator

- Customizable

- Possible to do account integration

For an upgrade of your business.

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