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Elevate your activities with Virtual Reality

The solution to smoothly incorporate Virtual Reality into learning for the next generation.

About EDtiveVR

Virtual Reality (VR) enables its users to get immersed in a virtual environment. It is gaining more attention recently due to its potential applications in educational, gaming, military and medical industries. EDtiveVR provides a platform for users to upload their VR models and design interactive questions in the models. Users can access and 'enter' the VR models with their phones via an app to answer the questions. It also measures and analyses user performance.

How it works




Design questions and place them within the model.

Users will answer the questions via an app.

Analyse the report 


Upload a VR model in the system.

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Other features

Admin panel

 Where you can set up questions and analyse reports.

Customised app

A customised app which you can file all the VR models. (optional)

For a powerful VR experience.