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Realtime interactive classroom

The perfect tool for creating an interactive and engaging presentation.

About uReply

uReply is an interactive platform developed by a group of enthusiastic and experienced teachers. The user-friendly platform incorporates fun classroom activities and games into learning. It fosters the exchange of ideas and brings an engaging atmosphere to the classroom. All interactions are recorded instantly which allows re-visiting the teaching materials anytime you want.

How it works




Creat a session for students to join

Interact with your audience.

Analyse the report 


Prepare a set of questions in advance. 

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More features

Multiple questions

Our multi-item function allows the audience to reply to many questions at a time. Not only does it increase the efficiency in interaction, but it also facilitates the setting up of mini quizzes & evaluation forms.

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Who says training events can only be indoor? With our feature GO, everyone can go outdoor, to find out the treasures hidden in the city set by instructors.


Gaming increases the motivation of the audience to participate. EDtool has 6 gaming modules such as speed challenge and peer evaluation. These modules transform ordinary Q&A into exciting activities.

Live presentation on phone

Presentation app that works on smart watch enables presenter to control everything even on their watch.

Enterprise features

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